Potluck Summer  Picnic

Saturday August 5 th 12:30

Drop By Knitting ​
Thursday   August 24th  from 2-4pm 
If you are “stuck” on a project or want to start a new one. 
or if you just want to come enjoy a cup of tea and knit
Instructor Melissa Harris.
Suggested donation $5.00

Summer Dyeing!

It's time to get out that dyepot and cook up a pot

of dye. Local flowers are blooming including Black-eyed

Susans, Dyers Marquerite and  Wild Sunflowers just to

name a few. Time to dig that Madder Root which is

brewing in the picture to the left

Time to take a Dyeing class at The Woolgathering.  Check out

our "Easy Indigo" with no chemicals taught by Lani Estill.

Kay Antunez de Mayolo is teaching the "Ranges of Red"

Dyeing class where we will explore Cochineal, Lac, Madder Root

from her garden and a few more reds and purples.

For more info check out our Woolgathering 2017 page

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