Textured Plying: Crepes, Boucles, Cables

Saturday September 16th


Instructor: Melissa Harris

$35 plus $28 materials fee

Limit 10 people

In this class, we will be looking at ways to create texture by using different plying techniques. Texture gives another level to your spinning repertoire, and when you add different colors to your plies, you will have a truly unique yarn to work with! 
Natural and dyed fibers will be provided. Please bring several empty bobbins to fill during class time.

Prerequisite: Continuing Spinning or equivalent. Must be able to spin a single and ply successfully.

Where to Stay during the Woolgathering

Sunrise Motel  530 279-2161 Cedarville. CA   http://sunrise-motel.blogspot.com

Cockrell's Hight Desert Lodging 530 279-2209 http://www.highdesertlodging.com

Surprise Valley Hot Springs  530 279-2040   www.svhotsprings.com

Niles Hotel 530 233-3733 Alturas, CA  www.nileshotel.com

The Cottage at Winjes Farm (530)279-2371  Lake City, CA   http://www.winjesfarm.com

Full: Waiting list available​​​​​​


Beginning and Refresher 

​Friday September 15th
11am-3pm  (with lunch break))
Instructor: Melissa Harris
Cost: $55 plus $10 materials fee

 Limit 10 people

For beginners who have never spun we provide wheels or bring your own wheel. For those new spinners, this is a refresher and a chance to get more time, with supported instruction, on your wheel. For intermediate and advanced spinners, you will have the opportunity to perfect your drafting of woolen and/or worsted singles.  Emphasis will be placed on achieving even, balanced yarns.

​Full: Waiting list available​

​​Ranges of Red

Sunday September 17th  

Instructor: Kay Antunez de Mayolo

11am-3pm with a lunch break

Cost : $ $55   Plus $10 materials fee

Explore the color red  - all from natural sources! We will introduce you to red dyes made from plants - Madder root from the dye garden. Some dyes are from bugs - Cochineal and Lac.  All materials and recipes provided along with stories to expand both your fiber arts skills and wonder. 

Bring:  gloves, apron and a notepad (wear old clothes) 

WOOLGATHERING 2017   September 15-17th

Photo by Cindy Carter-Gerlach, Nevada

Full: Waiting list available

Easy Indigo

Saturday September 16th  

1-5pm with a lunch break

Instructor: Lani Estill

Cost: $55 plus  Material fee $40

Limit 15 participants.  

Easy Indigo -- This workshop is designed to make an "organic indigo vat" that can be made for same day dyeing or can be maintained for extended dyeing over a period of time.  The vat is based on the process developed by Michel Garcia in France.

 This vat is faster than a fermentation vat and does not use chemicals. Fructose and lime bring out the beautiful blues made with powdered natural Indigo.  We will dye five small skeins of Lani's Lana Fingering (approx. 625 yards) in a gradient achieved by controlling the number of dips each skein gets in the dye vat.

Each participant may bring one skein of yarn to dye at the end of the day if we have enough blue left in the vat.  It may be fun to overdye a skein on Sunday in the "Ranges of Red" class too!! 

The class materials fee includes wool yarn, a pattern suitable for small skein gradient yarns, indigo and other dye stuffs

Bring:  gloves, apron and a notepad (wear old clothes)