• ​Alpaca Marl

​Superfine Alpaca

8 0z   600 yd skeins

dk weight  20-24stch = 4" 

US 5-7 needle

Avaiable in 16 colors

  • NEW!   "Bare Creek" yarn

hand dyed by WMW in brilliant colors. DK weight Superfine Rambouillet from Lani's Lana.

  •   Natural Dyed 

Hand dyed from  flowers, roots, moss,

shrubs and berries. local wool

We have a dye garden and grow Indigo,

Correopsis, Madder root and Dyers Marguerite.

We collect  Woad locally which also makes

an Indigo blue

Yarns available in the store and at shows 

Black eyed Susan

Wild Sunflower


Madder Root

Coreopsis tinctoria

Onion Skins

Black Walnut

Rock Lichen

Indigo and Woad