Dyeing the Blues- Indigo Dye Class

Sunday September 13 from 9:30 to 4 with a lunch break. 
Class fee - $80 materials fee $40

Instructors are Kay Antunez and Lani Estill

Learn two methods of dyeing with Indigo in one day!!  

First – Using fresh Indigo grown in Surprise Valley – we will unlock the secrets of creating a fresh Indigo vat and dye a silk scarf using resist techniques.

Second – Using dried Indigo, we will create a “organic Indigo vat” that can be made for same day dyeing or can be maintained over a period of time.  Fructose and Lime will bring out the beautiful blues that Indigo offers.  We will dye three small skeins of Lani’s Lana ~ Fine Ramboulliet Wool worsted yarn in a gradient, that can be used to create a hat or other project suitable for small skein gradient yarns.  

Each participant can bring a small skein of yarn or fabric to dye in the vats that we create.

Materials fee of $40 includes the fresh Indigo, Indigo powder and other dye materials, silk scarf, 4 oz of yarn and a pattern suitable for small skein gradient yarns.  Please bring gloves, dust mask, apron, and a notepad – wear older clothes.

Celebrating 20 years of Woolgatherings in 2020

September 10th-13th.               ​Registration opens June 1st

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Beginning Spinning

Thursday September 10th 1-4pm

Class Fee- $48 plus $10 materials fee

Instructor: Melissa Harris

Learn to spin, using one of our spinning wheels and

local wool. You will learn how to spin, as well as

basic wheel mechanics and an introduction to turning

fiber into your own handspun yarn.  For returning

spinners, this class will allow you to review what you

already know and get you up to speed, so that you

can relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend courses. 

Beginning Spinners are encouraged to also take 

Continuing Spinning, to get additional hours of guided



Join us for our 20th Woolgathering Retreat in 2020.
Four glorious days of Spinning and Natural Dyeing Classes
Sheep shearing Thursday September 10th, 10:00am  open to all.

Fleeces will be available for purchase

Learn how to process your fleece from washing to carding and spinning 
Learn about techniques, fibers and working with locally sourced wool

Dyer’s Garden Fieldtrip and Foraging
Cedarville, Surprise Valley, Cedarville, Ca   

Going back to basics:

The Long Draw, and Woolen Spinning​

Saturday September 12th   9:30-12:30

Class fee-​ $49 plus materials fee $15

​Instructor: Melissa Harris

To go along with shearing, scouring, and preparing raw wool, we are going to concentrate on making lofty, springy yarns. 
Knowing how to spin a Woolen yarn will come in handy, once you learn it. 
It’s a faster spinning method. It introduces air into your yarn, so that the finished product is actually warmer, as well as softer.
We will be learning to spin a lofty single, and will be plying, as well. 
A great spinning skill to add to your repertoire!

Dyer’s Garden Fieldtrip and Foraging

 Kay Antunez

Friday September 11th 1-3 PM.  $35.

Join us in Eagleville’s Oz Garden to discuss various dye plants easy to propagate and then harvest samples for future dyes or as a seed source.  Time permitting, we will forage

for native and weedy dye plants.  Basic recipes, bags and markers will be provided.

Madder Root and Coreopsis pictured

Eco Print Dye Workshop

Instructor: Cory Gunter Brown

Saturday September 12th 10am-5pm 
Class Fee - $100   Materials fee $46

 Includes fabrics and booklet

12 student min/ 20 student max

Eco Printing is a sensuous dye technique true to its name. It is both environmentally friendly and works like a dye print in which the image and energy of the dye plants are transferred directly to the textile. You’ll learn to work with wild harvested plant materials (leaves, flowers, bark, etc.) in a beautiful,  expressive, and ethical way. We’ll use this magical technique to make living textiles that have personal meaning and are deeply connected to the places we call home. You’ll finish class with your very own textile wall hanging/table runner, eco printed on Lani’s Lana Climate Beneficial Rambouillet Wool, and a sampler set of eco prints on a selection of textiles to show variation in color and print quality.

Before about 150 years ago, all dyes were natural dyes, made from plants, minerals, and insects. Peoples all over the world developed techniques for working with these dyes to make color and pattern on textiles over thousands of years. Now almost all dyes are synthetic, and the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world, second only to the oil industry. There are still places where natural dyes are used today, and many people are working together worldwide to learn these ancient practices before this vibrant knowledge is lost. 

​​​Registration Policies

Most classes are limited to 4-20 students so enroll early to guarantee your space.
The tuition is listed in each class or workshop description and must be paid in full at time of registration in order to guarantee your space.

Cancellations Policy
If a workshop is cancelled by Warner Mountain Weavers/Lani’s Lana your tuition will be refunded in full. Classes and workshops have minimum enrollment requirements. If these are not met, we reserve the right to cancel with a 3 day notice.

Student Cancellations
If for any reason you need to cancel tuition for a class or workshop there will be $20 administrative fee deducted from any refunds given up until 30 days before the class or workshop. After that there will be no refunds unless we can fill the class from a waiting list. No refunds on the day of the event f
or any reason: illness, natural disasters or acts of mother nature. 

Continuing Spinning

Friday September 11th

10am-3pm with a lunch break

Class Fee - $75 plus $15 materials fee 

Instructor: Melissa Harris

For those new spinners, this is a chance to get more time on your wheel. For intermediate and advanced spinners, you will have a chance to perfect your drafting (woolen and worsted) and plying. Emphasis will be placed on creating even, balanced yarn. 


High Street Home owned by Lani Estill will be available by the room for Woolgathering participants only.  There are 3 bedrooms and shared living room/kitchen/bathroom.  $50/room/night contact the shop at 530-279-2164 or Lani at 775-722-8173.

Pictures are available on AirBnB search for the High Street Home in Cedarville.

Surprise Valley Hot Springs
530-279-2040  www.svhotsprings.com

Sunrise Motel and RV Park and Victorian

Bush House  530 279-2161

The Cottage at Winje’s Farm Bed and Breakfast  
 Lake City, CA        530 279-2371

Toll Free: 877-818-8632 www.winjesfarm.com

Modoc District Fairgrounds   Camping spots available. 530-279-2315 / www.modocfair.com 

High Desert Lodging     https://highdesertlodging.com 
1-888-279-2209. Call for Woolgathering group rates

Learn to Weave on a

Rigid Heddle Loom

Sunday September 13th 10am-2pm

With a lunch break

Melissa Harris and Bonnie Chase
Class Fee- $48 materials fee $22

This class is for the beginning or intermediate weaver who would like a portable loom. In this class students will warp their loom and learn to weave and finish a simple scarf.

10” Ashford SampleIt $149 
16” Ashford SampleIt $179 
20” Folding Flip by Schacht $299 


Cory Gunter Brown

Cory Gunter Brown is an artisan and empath who has practiced the entwined arts of sacred adornment and the handmade her whole life. She was born and raised in East Oakland and comes from a radical and creative family of dancers, machinists, artists, and activists. Cory has learned the most powerful and beautiful truths in her life by listening to the voice of the Earth, the voices of Indigenous Peoples present and past, and her own inner voice. Through a decolonial lens, her work with natural dyes, and her relationship with the living Earth, she’s come to understand that for every toxic, abusive reality happening on this Earth, there is another way that is far more compassionate, elegant, and balanced within the cycle of life. She’s learned that our bodies are an extension of the Earth and the Earth is an extension of our bodies, and her choices in life now flow from that knowing. Cory spent ten years co-creating The Moon, an Oakland based feminine clothing line made by local hands with natural fibers and natural dyes. She is now teaching natural dye workshops to adults and children, producing a select few naturally dyed items each month, and making plant infused body oils in collaboration with the plant beings from the land where she lives in Mendocino. Working with plants has changed her life.

Kay Antunez de Mayolo
Kay studied botany at CAL POLY. She became fascinated with textiles and natural dyes while working as a science teacher in
​​Central and South America in the 1970s. Her interest in ethno-botany led her to complete a MS thesis on the sources of textile dyes used in Peru. Supported by funding from the Smithsonian, she traveled extensively in Peru to collect botanical specimens that were later used by experts at UCLA, the Getty Museum, and the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History to verify the sources of dyes extracted from ancient Peruvian textiles.
Recently retired from the California Department of Forestry where she was the environmental education coordinator, she is now living
in Eagleville, CA – tending her large garden that includes several sources of natural dyes.

Bonnie Chase

Bonnie raised sheep, natural dyed, spun and wove rugs from her own wool in the 70's. She studied weaving at the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts.

Bonnie was a founding member of Black Mountain Weavers Cooperative (1984) in Point Reyes Station, CA . This enabled her to sell knit and woven clothing and hand dyed yarn. During that same 16 year period, she worked at Dharma Trading Company in San Rafael, CA  selling yarn, dyes, weaving and spinning equipment. 
Bonnie opened Warner Mountain Weavers in 2000 which combined all her retail skills and creative skills with her love of fiber and color.

Lani Estill
​​Lani Estill is the founder of Lani’s Lana ~ Fine Rambouillet Wool.  A commercial wool business and small yarn line that produces yarn and roving for use by brands, fiber artists, commercial artisans and anyone who loves to create with wool!!  All of the wool for the brand comes from Rambouillet Sheep raised on the Bare Ranch located in Surprise Valley.  Some of the brands using Lani’s Lana Wool are The North Face, Brooklyn Tweed, Sincere Sheep, and A Verb for Keeping Warm.
Lani Natural Dyes her dyed yarn for her brand and enjoys teaching others the craft of Natural Dyeing.

Melissa Harris
Melissa has been teaching knitting, spinning and rigid heddle weaving at Warner Mountain Weavers for 16 years and is the resident
knitting troubleshooter. She judged the Fiber Arts Competition and the Sheep to Shawl at Black Sheep Gathering in 2010. Melissa also taught knitting and judged the Sheep to Shawl competition at Lambtown, in Dixon, California. She has been a 4-H leader in Fiber Arts for the last 10 years and is passing on these techniques to a new generations.